Chemistry is no more a mystery it is neither a history
Chemistry is our treasure of glorious past
Transiting through adventurous present
With a future dream of green globe registry.

Chemistry is just like our society
As Maxwellian principle of probability
Noble persons and burdensome personalities being rarer one
Resonating human is a hybrid structure of nice and nasty.

Periodic table is a mirror of our community
Humble donors occupying extreme left
Criminal robbers live in streets at the extreme right
Sandwiching noble rarer ones who wish to exist with dignity.

Chemistry explains philosophy of relation
'Similia similibus solvanter' is the fundamental principle of friendship
Azeotropes explain intense love of Mr. and Mrs.
With attraction force to live and die with equal affection.

Chemistry describes our habits and tendencies
We spontaneously decrease free energy to refrain from useful work
Maximize entropy to spread freeness and outlaw chaos
Always tend to make everything homogenic to us.

Chemistry is full of emotions
Make us laugh with laughing gas and
Force to weep with tear gas
Can keep us smiling with a level of androgens and estrogens.

Chemistry is a faithful companion
Never tires sparkling your morning with fluoride tooth paste
Spreading fragrance of variety of sols and gels round the clock
To avail you mosquito-bite-less sound sleep and consolation.

Chemistry is the spirituality
Our holy book 'The Gita' says 'Atman' (Spirit) is immortal
Changing its forms from one body to other
Quantum is immortal it stacks differently to create beautiful universe.

Chemistry is a subject of divine sketch
Almighty is a great chemist has provided us buffer in our blood
Other wise would find two species of man Homo sapiens acidia and
Homo sapiens alkalia and one more hurdle for bride-groom match.

Chemistry teaches lesson of national integrity
Polar bond is easily attacked and broken by attacking nucleophile
Non polar gives no room to crack its unity
We Indians dissolve barriers of caste and community.

Still you believe chemistry is a mystery?
If yes, then need to think once more
If no then join hands with universal attraction force
To imprint our globe greener and greener with chemistry.

Composed by
A.B. Sharma
Asst. Professor, Dept. Of Chemistry
Vijay Singh Pathik Govt. PG College, Kairana
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