Akhil Bhartiya Vishwakarma Mahasabha Janpad Sitapur has organised a programme of foundation stone lying of Vishwakarma Temple at Nemisharanya. The temple and dharmshala will be constructed there. National President Er. Ram Nayan Sharma and Pradesh President Sh. R.K. Vishwakarma has made very much effort for this. The layout was finalised by National Patron Dr. C.P. Sharma. The programme was presided by Sh. R.K. Vishwakarma and conducted by Dr. Shiv Prasad Vishwakarma. The meeting of pradesh working committee of Mahasabha was held. The chief guest of programme was Sh. Shri Ram V Suthar (Padmashri Awardee). The special invited guests were Sh. R.K. Vishwakarma (ARTO) and Sh. Devendra Sharma. The stage orators were Sh. Anil Suthar, Sh. Shyam Lal Vishwakarma, Sh. Ram Pyare Vishwakarma, Sh. Shyam Bihari Vishwakarma, Sh. Neby Lal Sharma, Sh. Ajey Bhardwaj, Sh. Rama Shankar Sharma etc. Sh. Kajod Mal Jangid (Kali Pahadi) was declared the unopposed president of Jila Sabha Dausa (Raj.). Six nominations were filled for the post. One was cancelled , four took back their names. Hence Chief election officer Sh. Nathu Lal Jangid (Jobner) declared Sh. Kajod Mal Jangid president of the Jila Sabha Dausa. Hundreds of samaj candidates were present there. Sh. Kanti Prasad Tiger (Pradesh President, Raj.), Sh. Nawal Kishor Sharma (Jaipur Jila, President), Sh. Chhitar Mal Jangid, Sh. Kailash Sharma (Election Prabhari), Dy. Election Officer Sh. R.P. Sharma (Vision Computer Park, Jaipur), Sh. Arjun Lal Jangid (Invigilator), Asstt. Election Officer Sh. Hari Ram Jangid, Sh. Shiv Narain (Thanedar) Chomu, Ex-President Dausa Sh. Ghanshyam Jangid, Sh. Ram Gopal Jangid, Sh. Kailash Chand Sharma, Sh. Ram Kishor Jangid etc. were present.
For more detail please contact Sh. Kanti Prasad Jangid "Tiger" Pradesh President Rajasthan.
Divya Sharma participated in Sangeet Samaroh at Birla Auditorium. She took part in "Mand" with Pt. Hanuman Sahai. The programme was sponsored by Trimurti International Institute of Art & Culture Studies & Research & J.K.K.
On this occassion "Pheli Pheli Dhoop" book was released which was written by Banaj Kumar "Banaj". The honour of Sangeet and Sports talents was also done.
Nomination form for the election of Jila Sabha Jaipur of Rajasthan were filled on 8 July 2010. There were total 18 forms filled. Sh. Madan Lal Ameriya, Sh. B.C. Sharma, Sh. Kanti Prasad Tiger, Sh. Babu Lal Panwar, Sh. S.P. Sharma (IGP), Sh. Mool Chand Bhartiya, Sh. R.C. Sharma "Gopal", Sh. Mukesh Jangid (Jangid Sena), Sh. Mahendra Kumar, Sh. K.C. Sharma (Election Prabhari), Sh. Nawal Kishor Sharma (President, Jila Sabha Jaipur), Sh. R.N. Dinesh were present.
Other present samaj candidates were Sh. Jai Narain Jangid, Sh. Dharmendra Jangid, Sh.Nathu Lal Carpenter, Sh. Phool Chand Panwar, Sh. Ramji Lal Jangid, Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid, Sh. Prahlad Chand Sharma, Sh. Prabhu Dayal (Achrol), Sh. Bhairo Lal Jangid, Sh. Ram Niwas Gogoria, Sh. Shiv Kumar Jangid, Sh. Surendra Kasliwal, Sh. Shesh Narain (Phulera), Sh. Badri Lal Jangid, Sh. Jagdish Prasad Jangid, Sh. Lakhan Lal Nayan, Sh. Girdhari Lal , Sh. Mahadev Prasad Kadhwania, Sh. Gopal Rewadia, Sh.Satya Narain Jangid (Karmchari Samiti Chomu) etc.
13 members withdraw the nomination. There were only 5 candidates left in race. They were following:
1. Jai Narain Jangid, 2. Hari Shankar Jangid, 3. Mahadev Prasad, 4. Ram Niwas, 5. Shiv Kumar Jangid
One day Vishwakarma Employees Conference was held at Vishwakarma Temple, Complex Gurha Bakshi Nagar, Jammu on 13 Aug 2010 under chairman ship of Sh. Pooran Chargotra (President of Pradesh Vishwakarma Sabha. Sh. Kuldeep Verma Vice President of OBC Advisory Board was the chief guest. All highly qualified dignitaries of all ranks participated in the conference. Main aim of the conference was focused on the principle "pay back to the society" and employees were held more responsible for achieving this goal. Am employee is educated and qualified and so he/she can serve the community in different ways. Employee can organise the masses and there by can educate their better ways of life. Speakers emphasised over the employee to give their valuable service to the society.
Ex-President Er.R.L. Chargotra delivered a reasonable lecture. President Puran Chargotra appealed the Vishwakarma employees for cooperation. Prof. Kali Dass ashed the employees to come forward for voluntarily services. Chief guest V.C. of OBC Advisory Sh. Kuldeep Verma advised the employees to give thier valuable service for upliftment of the society.
On 13 July 2010, 27th Establishment Day was celebrated. Ashagram Trust was established in year 1983 in Badwani (MP). Sh. Heera Lal Sharma (Pradhan, ABJB Mahasabha Delhi) is founder member of the trust. The trust is devoted to Laparoscopy person, Environmental issues, and social works etc. Ashagram trust has grabbed a lot of awards for its social works. The trust has been awarded by The Presidentship Award. Oath ceremony of ABJB Jila Sabha Dausa, Raj. was held on 14 July 2010 at Ashoka Marraige Garden. The president of samaroh was Sh. Babu Lal Panwar (Working president of Mahasabha Delhi). The chief guest was Sh. Murari Lal Meena (Revenue Minister, Govt. of Raj.).
The special guest present were Sh. Sita Ram Jangid (Jila Pramukh Karauli), Sh. Kanti Prasad Tiger, (Pradesh President, Raj.), Sh.R.C. Sharma "Gopal"(Ex-President, Raj. Pradesh), Sh. Vinod Kumar Sharma (Ex-RPSC Member), Sh. Mool Chand Bhartiya(Jila President, Karauli), Sh. Devi Sahai Nadoti, Jila President OBC Mahapanchayat Karauli, Sh. Kailash Sharma.
All the guests were honoured by garland, safa, etc. by newly elected president of Jila Sabha Dausa Sh. Kajod Mal Jangid and associating members. Sh. Murari Lal Meena (Minister) expressed views and announced to provide the land for hostel in Dausa at his part. Sh. R.C.Sharma "Gopal", Sh. Mool Chand Hindaun, Sh. Kanti Prasad Tiger, Sh. Sita Ram Jila Pramukh also took part in oath of newly working committee and expressed their views. The other well known persons of samaj were present Sh. Lallu Prasad Jangid (Lalsot), Sh. Kailash Sharma (Shri Timber), Sh. Prakash Badwal, Sh. Girdhari Lal Bhadaria (Chomu), Sh. Lakhan Lal Nayan, Sh. Mool Chand Bisayati, Sh. Kanhaiya Lal Chichawa, Sh. Ram Charan Bodlia President of Jangid VIkas Samiti-Shastri Nagar(Jaipur).
The media person present were Sh. Hari Ram Jangid (Deep Vishwakarma), Sh. R.P. Sharma (Vision Computer Park, Jaipur), Sh. Prabhakar (Lord Vishwakarma), Sh. Mahadev Prasad Kadhwania, Sh. Akash Jangid, Sh. Prabhu Dayal Jangid (Co-Editor, Jangid Brahmin Patra).
Sh. Laxmi Narain Rawat, Sh. Kailash Chand (A.G. Office), Sh. Hazari Lal Rawat, Sh. Ghanshyam Jangid (Ex-President, Jila Sabha Dausa), Sh. Ram Gopal Jangid, Sh. Ram Kishor Jangid (Dausa), and hundred of Jangid Candidates were present.
Newly elected president of Dausa Jila Sh. Kajod Mal Jangid was honoured by Dausa Senior Citizens. At the end of programme there was meal arrangement for all.
ABJB Yuva Parishad Narnaul has organised a programme to honour samaj candidates who has been elected in election. The venue was Shri Vishwakarma Mandir, Pool Bazar, Narnaul, HR. Newly elected Parshad, Block Members, Panch, Sarpanch etc. were honoured. The programme was presided by Sh. Bhola Ram Arya (Social Worker). Sh.Mahaveer Prasad (SDM, Narnaul) was the chief guest of programme.
Dr. R.K. Jangra (National Co-Ordinator, Yuva Parishad) was President of Honour/ Welcome. The programme was started with Yagya, Hawan hosted by Smt & Sh. Rajesh Kumar. Pt. Ramesh Shastri was priest of programme. The worship and lamps were lightened by the guests.
Other candidates present were Sh. Sheo Narain, Sh.Banshi Dhar Contractor, Sh. Manoj Jangra(Jila President), Dr. Ram Phal Jangra, Sh.Raj Kumar Jangra, Sh. Rajesh Jangra, Sh. Suresh Jangra, Sh. Babu Lal Jangra (Pradhan, Vishwakaram Mandir), Dr.Hemant Jangra, Advocate Sh. Bhani Sahai etc. The stage was communicated by Master Banshi Dhar. All the guests were honoured. 70 candidates were honoured in programme. The chief guest of programme ensured to provide the land of 1000 yard for Vishwakarma Dharmshala on Govt. Rate.
The following candidates were also honoured:-
Parshad Krishna Jangra, Suman Jangra, Dr. Rajesh Jangra,
Sarpanch Smt. Savitri Devi, Smt. Suman Jangra, Ghisa Ram
Panch Ami Lal, Karan Singh, Om Prakash, Yogesh, Smt. Pista Devi, Ajeet Singh, Anil Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Shyam Lal, Smt. Rekha, Ravidutt, Shiv Kumar, Ghanshyam, Madan Lal, Goverdhan, Sita Ram, Smt. Guddi, Pradeep, Tansukh, Om Dutt, Mehar Singh, Om Prakash etc.
Sh. P.K. Choudhary, Sh. V.L. Sharma were also honoured.
There was meal for all present candidates.
For More Detail please contact:
Dr. R.K. Jangra (National Co-Ordinator, Yuva Parishad) , 1656, Sector 4, Rewari, Haryana.
Election of ABJB Jila Sabha Jaipur was held at Pradesh Sabha Bhawan, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Raj. on 18 July 2010. There were approx. 4000 candidates from samaj who took part in election. There were 7150 voters in Jaipur.
The arrangement of tent, light, water, lunch & police protection was very good at polling booth. It was done by Election Prabhari Sh. Kailash Sharma (Shri Timber). The peaceful voting was done. After counting the votes, Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid was declared the President of Jila Sabha Jaipur. There were total five candidates who filled the nomination form for the post of president.
Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid took the oath of post & secrecy by Sh. Kanti Prasad Tiger (Pradesh President, Raj.). Samaj candidates did honour of newly elected president of Jaipur Sh.Hari Shankar Jangid. Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid thanked to all present candidates for support. Sh. Kailash Sharma (Election Prabhari) also thanked to all voters for making peaceful atmosphere during election. Sh. Hazari Lal Nagar, Jila Pramukh also visited the election place during the polling.
ABJB Jila Sabha Alwar has organised 6th Adarsh Samuhik Vivah Sammelan and Social Meeting at Kothi Ganga Niwas Palace (Lal Kothi), Near Raj Rishi College circle, Madhuvan Colony, Alwar on 19 July 2010. The programme of the days were as following:-
18 July 2010 19 July 2010
Bride Groom & Guest Entry 11.00 AM Tham Stapna 7.00 AM
Shri Ganesh Stapna 2.00 PM Flag Hoisting 8.00 AM
Yagya Sanskar 3.00 PM Shobha Yatra 9.00 AM
Flag Hoisting 3.30 PM Barat Swagat 11.00 AM
Kalash Shobha Yatra 4.00 PM Toran Varmala 11.30 AM
Meal 6.00 PM Meal 12.00 Noon
Bhat 7.00 PM Social Meeting 2.00 PM
Bhajan / Cultural programme 10.00 PM Vidai 5.00 PM

The registration fees was Rs. 7100.00 from each side. Bhatai fee was Rs. 1100 from each side.
There were 21 pairs in sammelan. Chief guest (Lord Vishwakarma Worship) : Saint Sh. Dula Ram Kulriya
Chief Guest (Flag Hoisting) :Sh. Naresh Jangid (Banglore)
Social meeting president was Sh. Ram Swaroop Jangid(Tapukada,Alwar). The chief guests were Sh. R.C. Sharma "Gopal"(Ex-Pradesh President, Raj.), Sh. Kanti Prasad Tiger(Pradesh President, Raj.). The chief guest of the Vivah Sammelan Programme was Sh. Bhagwan Sahai Jangid (Alwar). Other invited guests were Sh. Sukhdev Jangid (Pradesh President, MP), Sh. Pat Ram Jangid (Gurgaon), Sh. Shankar Lal Ladrecha, Sh.Matadeen Jangid, Sh. Devi Sahai Nadoti, Sh. Kanhaiya Lal Chichawa, Sh. Naresh Jangid, Smt. Raj Kumari Jangid (Gangapur City) etc. Social media person were Sh. Hari Ram Jangid (Deep Vishwakarma), Sh. R.P. Sharma (Vision Computer Park, Jaipur), Sh. Gitesh Jangid (Angira Vaibhav), Sh. Dinesh Jangid (Hindaun), Sh.Vinod Jangid (Vishwakarma Ashish), Sh.Prabhakar Jangid(Lord Vishwakarma) were present.
All the guests were honoured by Jila Sabha Working Committee. The stage was communicated by Advocate Sh. Mahadev Prasad Jangid. Sh. Kanti Prasad Tiger, Sh. R.C. Sharma, Sh. Mahadev Prasad Jangid(President, Vivah Samiti) , Sh. Sukhdev Jangid distributed certificate to 21 pairs.
Thousands of samaj candidates were present in vivah sammelan. Sh. Mahadev Prasad Jangid expressed thanks to all present candidates.
For more detail please contact:
Sh. Mahadev Prasad Jangid (President) 9414021300
Sh. Hanuman Prasad Jangid (Working President) 9414019475
Sh. Bishan Chand Jangid (Cashier) 0144-2732595
Sh. Kishor Sharma (Mahamantri) 9413447023
The name of Parbatpura Bypass Circle, Industrial Area was changed by Shri Vishwakarma Circle on 21 July 2010 at 9:15 AM. The chief guest of programme was Smt Anita Bhadel (MLA, Ajmer South), Raj.
The president of programme was Sh. Devki Nandan Nagal. Special Guest were Sh. Bhairon Baksh Choyal & Smt. Sushila Bhagwati Prasad Nepalia. Other invited guests were Sh. Ghisu Lal Gadhwal (Local Parshad), Sh. Sohan Singh Rawat, Sh. Sohan Lal Sharma (Parshad), Sh. Bhola Ram Harshwal, Sh. Bhanwar Lal, Sh. Gauri Shankar Kasliwal, Sh. Rajendra Kalonia, Sh. Kanhaiya Lal Seelak, Sh. Ashok Kinja, Sh. Ramdev Choyal, Sh. Har Narain Khatwadia, Sh. Narendra, Sh. Mahendra Kishor, Smt. Savita Sharma, Sh. Anoop Pedwal, Sh. Mitra Dev, Sh. Govind, Sh. Ganga Ram etc. Hundred of candidates were present at site.
The Stage was communicated by Sh. Ramesh Seedad. The programme was conducted by Dr. Ashok Ameriya & Sh.Gopal Choyal.
Jangid Hastkala Seva Samiti, Gurjar Ki Thadi, Jaipur, Raj. is organised a programme in the honour of Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid (Newly Elected President of Jaipur Jila). Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid was honoured by Safa, Mala & Shawl at Vishwakarma Temple, Gurjar Ki Thadi, Jaipur, Raj. on 22 July 2010.
The meeting was presided by Sh. Prahlad Rai Jangid (Dattwas) working president of Samiti. Sh. Brij Mohan Jangid and Sh. Mahesh Jangid (Ex-President, Samiti), Sh. Shambhu Dayal Jangid, Sh. Radhye Shyam Jangid, Sh. Ghasi Lal Jangid, Sh. Rajendra Jangid (Prakash Furniture), Sh. Gitesh Jangid (Angira Vaibhav), Sh. R.P. Sharma (Vision Computer Park, Jaipur), Sh. Babu Lal Jangid, Sh. Nav Ratan Jangid, Sh. Hanuman Prasad Jangid, and no. of members of samiti were present in programme.
All the samiti members promises to give full working support to Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid. Newly elected president Sh. Hari Shankar Jangid expressed thanks to all the present candidates for support in election. He also assured to be associated with the them also in future. At last, president of meeting Sh. Prahlad Rai Jangid gave thanks to all members of samiti.
Jangid Brahmin Jila Sabha Jhajjar has organised a programme of Talent Honour on 25 July 2010 at Bahadurgarh, Haryana.
48 talents were honoured for securing highest marks in 10th & 12th classes. The chief guest of programme was Sh. Vidhya Sagar Jangid (Pradesh President, Haryana). The president of programme was Sh. Umed Singh Panwar (Industrialist). Flag Hoisting was done by Sh. Debu Ram Jangid (Delhi). Lamps were lighten by P.L. Sharma Shastri(Patron). Sh. Rakesh Kumar Sharma (Anand Parbat , Delhi) did the warm welcome of all the guests with garland and momentos.
Other invited guests were Sh. Ramesh Chandra Sarpanch, Sh. Surendra Kumar Sharma, Sh. Leelu Ram Sharma, Sh. Parmanand Jangid, Sh. Ishwar Singh Jangid, Sh. Jagdish Prasad Sharma (Pradesh President, Delhi), Sh. Brij Kishor Sharma, Sh. Ishwar Singh Contractor, Sh. Rajendra Sharma, Sh. Yuddhveer Sharma, Sh. Radhey Shyam Sharma, Master Om Prakash, Sh.Krishan Kumar (Rohtak, Pradhan), Sh. Ram Prakash, Sh. Ajeet Singh Jhajjar, Sh. Khushi Ram, Sh. Phool Chand etc.
Sh. Satya Pal Vatsa (Jila President, Jhajjar) was fully co-operated to make the programme successful by committee members. Other renowned persons were Sh. Hukam Chand Jangid, Sh. Brahm Dutt, Sh. Jai Narain, Sh. Hoshiyar Singh Jangid, Sh. Shyam Lal, Sh. Kartar Singh, Sh. Rajendra Singh Chhichholiya, Sh. Umed Singh Derolia, Sh. Rajpal Sharma, Sh. Rajendra Prasad, Sh. Manoj Sharma, Sh. O.P. Arya, Sh. Ram Phal Sharma, Sh. Bhagat Ram Sharma,Sh. Jai Bhagwan Jangid also present.
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