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This web site is our first effort to adjoin the candidates of Jangid Community. We want to cover the complete details of different areas of our society in this era of information and technology by this site.

Why Need This Site
R.P.Sharma (Jangid)
In this modern arena the great changes are taking place on the global scenario. The development of information technology segment is playing a big role in bringing the different person's of the world much closure to each other for their exchange of views for various things. Whole of the life style , social customs,business relations, education systems are changing in a new way of living.
Late Sh.R.P.Sharma
Almost all the person's of the different societies are adopting the new changes for keeping their live hood in accordance. This IT development factor inspired me to contribute my experience of IT to "Jangid Samaj" so I decided to develop a website named "www.jangidbrahminsamaj.com " for the samaj in order to bring the each person of the Jangid Samaj wherever they may be living in any part of world to come close to each other for exchanging the new thoughts for the welfare and the development of the Jangid Samaj.

To convey the fast informations to the "Jangid Samaj" I have made the web site most convenient, so any person knows little internet knowledge can see the matter subject of their choice in any part of the world.Further my motto is to enhance the IT education among the boys and girls of the Samaj so they can keep them update in this sector and can grow more faster.This website "www.jangidbrahminsamaj.com " will certainly prove most fruitful for the development of social links among all the member of the Jangid Samaj.

From my side I request to all the members of the Jangid Samaj to kindly make the awareness of the site among all they are willing to aid any new subject or matter which is they feel very necessary and in the benefit of the "Jangid Samaj".

To keep the website update in this highly competitive developing age. It is humble request from my side kindly give me the feedback.

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