After publication of the first issue of the newspaper as provided under section 5(5) of the PRB act, the RNI must be requested to issue a certificate of registration to the newspaper. The check list/guidelines for registration of newspapers/periodicals are as under :-

1. Documents required:
a. Photocopy of title verification letter issued by RNI.
b. Attested copy of Declaration authenticated by the DM/ADM/DCP /CMM/SDM
c. First issue indicating Volume - I and Issue-I.
d. An affidavit from the publisher for "No Foreign Tie-up" in the prescribed form
2. Separate declaration should be filed in case the printer and publisher are different or the place of publication and place of printing come under the jurisdiction of two different magistrates.
3. The first issue should indicate Volume-I and Issue-I, date line, page number and the title in full prominently on the cover.
4. The publication should be brought out within six weeks (in case of daily/weekly) and three months (in case of other periodicity) from the date of authentication of Declaration.
5. The imprint line should contain the name of the Publisher, Printer, Owner, Printing press with complete address, Place of publication with complete address and the name of the editor.

If the documents are found to be complete in all respects and the publication is in order, the Press Registrar will enter the particulars of the newspaper in the register maintained by him and issue a Certificate of Registration to the publisher.

RNI does not accept incomplete applications for registration or issuing of Revised registration certificate. All pending applications for registration or revised registration will be processed only when all the complete and correct documents are submitted.

Please see the following Check List for the required documents:-

For the Certificate of Registration:

a) Copy of title verification letter.
b) Attested copy of the declaration duly filled in and authenticated by the District Magistrate /Addl. District Magistrate etc.
c) Affidavit for 'No foreign tie up' duly filled in and notarized.
d) First Issue of publication brought out within 42 days in case of dailies and weeklies and 90 days for fortnightly and above.
e) Copy of the latest issue of the publication.

For Revised certificate of registration:

Following documents are required on the basis of which Revised Registration Certificate is issued:
a) Original Certificate of Registration issued by the O/o Registrar of Newspapers for India and in case it is lost, he/she is required to submit the affidavit for loss of certificate duly filled in and notarized along with the IPO of Rs.5/-.
b) Attested copy of the latest declaration, duly filled in and authenticated by DM/ADM concerned.
c) Affidavit for No foreign tie up, duly filled in and notarized.
d) Latest issue of the publication.


A fresh declaration is to be made in the case of any change in (a) title (b) language (c) periodicity (d) ownership (e) place of publication (f) place of printing (g) publisher and (h) printer. It will be necessary to apply to the Press Registrar for a revised certificate of registration. A revised certificate will not be necessary if the fresh declaration has been made under other circumstances.

The documents required are given below:
(a) An attested photocopy of the fresh declaration duly authenticated by the magistrate concerned etc. indicating the change(s).
(b) A copy of the latest issue of the publication with correct imprint line, title and date line printed on each page of the publication.
(c) Original Certificate of registration issued by the office of RNI.
(d) If Original Certificate of Registration is lost, damaged, stolen etc., an affidavit duty signed by a magistrate, with a five rupee Indian Postal Order in favour of RNI has to be furnished.
(e) In case of change of ownership, attested photocopy of the transfer deed in respect of ownership, duly authenticated by the magistrate concerned, is also to be submitted.
(f) In case of change of title/language, a copy of the title verification letter is to be submitted.
(g) An affidavit for no foreign tie-up.


When the original certificate of registration is lost, damaged, or stolen, and if none of the circumstances requiring a fresh declaration as noted above exist, an application may be submitted to the Press Registrar for issue of a duplicate certificate of registration with full details given on a separate sheet of paper. Please note that if the certificate has been lost or stolen, adequate documentary proof of having reported the matter to the concerned police authorities, such as a copy of the FIR or a copy of the complaint bearing their stamp/seal, would be necessary. The documents required are as under:

(a) An affidavit to this effect duly authenticated by Notary or the Magistrate concerned under his signature and office seal.
(b) Attested photocopy of the latest declaration authenticated by the magistrate concerned.
(c) A copy of the latest issue of the publication with correct imprint line.
(d) An Indian Postal Order of Rs.5/- in favour of RNI.
(e) An affidavit for "No Foreign Tie Up"