Nature has blessed the mankind in various ways. Availability of precious stones and gems on the earth is one of those wonderful blessings of nature bestowed upon human beings. Gems and precious stones have been considered as a symbol of opulence and glory not only in our country but also all over the world. India had a rich heritage of fortunes in terms of precious metals, stones and gems. Availability of renowned gems in the royal families in different periods of time still remind us of our halcyon days.

Unfortunately, that rich legacy was plundered in the medieval and modern ages. Still, the marks of that legacy exist today in some other form. From commercial point of view, these precious stones are one of the biggest foreign exchange earners for India. Accounting for one fifth of the countrys total exports, the gems along with jewellery sector, is the frontrunner in Indias export trade. Astrological science of our country has also been based upon gems and stones. Based on these two premises; there is a dire need of tapping its potentials and to operate this industry along the scientific and professional lines. Declaring this sector as an industry can take it to the soaring heights of success in domestic as well as international markets. But this is a hard nut to crack requiring huge investment and professionalisation efforts.

Fortunately various marketing trends are favouring this sector in our country. Availability of expensive gems- studded branded jewellery at accessible rates due to competition is an important repercussion of this trend. Prominent among them is the emergence of branded jewellery on the Indian horizon. Another important repercussion of this development is appearance of a distinct profession related to gems and precious stones. This profession is Gemology.

Although this profession has already been present in our country in past but the modern version of this profession is more scientific and hi-tech based on the standards of international market. Another trend that has emerged in the Indian scenario of gems and stones is the appearance of Gemology as a professional course. From professional point of view, Gemology can be defined as the study of gemstones constituting terminology, physical and optical properties and applications of these properties.

The main objective of the professional course of Gemology is to impart the latest technical know-how with respect to gem cutting, sorting, grading, valuation and identification.

The Indian jewellery has always been in great demand in the international arena. The branded jewellery has given a great boost to this sector. Indian gem cutters and craftsmen are held in high respect all over the world. Our traditional know-how combined with high technology will further facilitate the flourishment of Indian Gemology. In the days to come, India will have a sizeable share in the international Gems market. That is why; gemology professionals are expected to have a bright future with a great demand and lucrative package. This is no more a family tradition of jewellers and traditional Jouharis passed down from one generation to another. Even non-jewellers having a flare and orientation towards gems and stones can now acquire this specialised skill. A professional course in gemology can make the newcomers competent enough to carve a niche amid a plethora of competition.

Qualities needed to become a gemologist:
Excellent powers of observation
Ability to concentrate
An objective approach

Nature of work:
Gemologists are involved in the identification, sorting and grading of stones. They also advise jewellery designers on various properties regarding the suitability of particular gemstones in different metals and types of settings, physical and psychological requirements. Involvement of skills and technical know-how make it a full-fledged scientific field. Using testing equipments like refractometer, Spectroscope, Microscope etc. to identify the type and nature of gems is an important part of the Gemology courses.

Types of courses available in our country :
Gems and gems identification
Diamonds and diamonds grading
Advanced gemology
Colour gem grading
Practical gemology
Graduate gemologist
Gem fashioning technologist
Gem and jewellery entrepreneur

As per the nature of Course, usually 10+ for Certificate courses and Graduate in any discipline for Diploma and Post graduate courses. Span of the courses: As per the nature of course ranging from three months to one-two years.

Potential employers:
Jewellery industry
General insurance

Educational institutes offering related courses:
Apart from working under Employers one can explore Self-employment opportunities by workings as a freelance designer/ consultant.
Reputed institutes:
1. Indian Gemological Institute, Nirmal Towers,10th Floor, Barakhambha Road, New Delhi-110001
2. Gemology Institute of India, Gurukul Chambers, Mumbadevi Road, Mumbai-400002
3. St. Xaviers College, Geology Dapartment, Mumbai-400001
4. Indian Diamond Institute, Sumul Dairy Road, Katargam Post Box 508, Surat-395008
5. Gemstones Artisans Training School, Jhalana Mahal, Jaipur-302017
6. Sindhar Institute of Gemology, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur, Surat